1. The purpose of Women’s Leadership and Discipleship Training

Two thirds of all Bible believing Christians are women, yet in many countries and cultures, Christian women receive little or no leadership or discipleship training once they come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In his book Why Not Women, author Lauren Cunningham writes, “When two thirds of the Christians are excluded from the work of evangelizing, the loss for God’s cause is so great it can hardly be described.”

Love UnVeiled (LUV) believes it’s possible to impact the world in our generation by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their part in the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations. 

Given the right biblical tools, training, and encouragement, LUV believes women can be powerful instruments to help change their homes, their community, and even the world. Being natural communicators, women can be a vital part of God’s design to carry out His purpose in spreading His love and the Good News of Jesus Christ to others.

In many areas of the world, Christian women do not receive the privilege of formal leadership and discipleship training. We want to help women use their God-given gifts effectively to change their communities. Women have a unique position of trust and influence among their family, friends, and in social settings.  It’s been said, “If you share the gospel with a man he may not tell anyone; but share it with a woman, and she will tell her children, her husband, and all the women in her community.”  After her encounter with Jesus, the woman at the well ran to tell everyone she knew. (John 4:1-26).

LUV has a purpose to encourage women to be all God intended them to be. We desire women to discover their identity in Christ – who they are and who God wants them to be. We want to help women be effective in ministering to others. We strive to help women reach out and minister to broken, hurting people in their community.

2. How do we hope to accomplish this?

In a small group environment, our workshops provide an opportunity for women believers to grow in intimacy with the Lord, to study His word and to develop their gifts to influence and disciple others in their community. Our desire is that it will be a special time of intimacy, fellowship and spiritual refreshment for each woman.

We provide Biblical teaching and training in leadership and discipleship principles, and equip women with tools for developing women’s ministry. Women will have an opportunity to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and personal skills as well as learn how to effectively use them in their homes and community. We equip women to lead others in one to one discipleship, mentoring and small group Bible study so that they can help other women find their own identity and purpose in Jesus Christ.

3. Each One Reach One:

Statistical research shows that if every believer committed to disciple one other person for one year and that person discipled another person for one year, then in 34 years it is possible to disciple 8 billion people.

Our goal is to encourage each woman who attends a LUV Leadership and Discipleship Training to become a mentor and disciple maker. We will encourage each woman to commit to mentor and disciple at least one other woman in one year. During that time, she will train and equip her disciple to go out and teach and disciple a second woman and so on.

4.      Definition of a Leader

 Love UnVeiled defines a leader as a woman who passionately follows Jesus in her own life (John 12:24-26) and filled with the knowledge of His word, and His Holy Spirit, is equipped and empowered to teach (disciple) another person the word of God and how to apply the life changing principals of Jesus in their life, and is able to help them teach and equip others. Every woman can be a spiritual leader, a woman of influence in her home, her family and her community. (Titus 2.3-5).