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Dear friend,

I am always challenged to find ways to communicate with you the incredible things that IMG_4272 (2)God does in women’s lives during our 4 day workshops.  I can only describe as miraculous what happens as women are transformed and set free to be the women God created them to be, understanding they are more than their role, they have an identity created by God, ​for a purpose.

Often women don’t know why they are coming. They come just following a prompting from the Lord, or wanting tools and materials to minister to women. As they receive healing in God’s word and experience freedom from the lies and bondage of the enemy, their past, their culture, and even religion, women are changed by God’s love for them. Empowered to fulfill their purpose they become courageous women of passion and faith who boldly become His ministers and witnesses wherever God calls them to multiply.

Diana, a mother of seven, is one of those women.  She came to Workshop One in April from Lithuania,​ Europe on a prompting from the Holy Spirit. She brought her friend and ministry partner Aurelija with her. Both women came wanting to find more ways to reach women in their country.  Diana is on staff with Agape Europe (CRU) and Aurelija is a volunteer. They have both faithfully served the Lord and been believers for twenty years.

After the workshop Diana and Aurelija told me their experience was life changing and they wanted to share their experience with our partners, and so that other woman might experience what they have experienced.

​You will be blessed by Diana’s short video ​testimony. I will share Aurelija’s testimony in a following newsletter. All glory to God for His transforming power in their lives. Pray that as they continue to learn to fly higher in His Spirit and Truth they will be able to reach any women in their country.

Diana’s Testimony – Click Here!

In His Love


Liz Dickson
Founder & Executive Director