Selecting women to invite to the LUV Leadership & Discipleship Training

Jesus prayerfully chose and appointed the 12 disciples (Mark 3:14; Luke 6:12-13). They did not volunteer.  Moses was also given wise counsel for selecting leaders; Select from all the people, able men, those who fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness (Exodus 18:21).

We recommend prayerful selection of women to join the LUV Leadership and Discipleship Training. We suggest prayerfully using the following guidelines to help select those to invite. The test of a real leader is if they are willing to follow as well as have the ability and desire to influence others and reproduce disciples in their community.

Qualities to look for when selecting younger women, or those who are new Christians:

F – Faithful

Do they keep their promises to others? When they say something, do they mean it, or do they forget about it? We want women you can depend on and trust to do as they say they will.

A – Available

Do these women have time to commit to attend all training sessions without leaving before the training is over?

I – Initiative

If something needs to be done, do they get it done or do they sit and wait for someone else to do it? We want women who are willing to work and show an effort to learn what we will teach them.

T – Teachable

Do they have a desire to learn from the experiences of others? Are they willing to listen to advice? Do they show a willingness to be taught? If a person disagrees with them, do they show humility in hearing their view? We desire to have women who have shown they want to learn and to be taught.

H – Hungry

Are they consistent in church attendance, personal study, and walking closely with the Lord? Do they show a real desire to follow God with their whole heart and to learn the Bible?

Qualities to look for when selecting experienced leaders or mature believers:

G – Gifted

What are her gifts? Is she using them to help others? For example, if a woman is good at teaching, is she faithful in teaching? If she is gifted at organizing, is she using that gift? We want women who are using the gifts that God has given them.

I – Influential

Are they a woman of influence? Do they encourage, help, and assist other women? Are they loved and respected by their families and those in their life? Do others want their advice? Are they a leader where God has placed them? Does the church and community look up to them? Do they have a teachable spirit, willing to listen and learn?

F – Fruitful

Is this woman one who is growing in Christ? Is she an example to other women? Is her Christian life evident to others? Is she helping other women be better Christians?

T – Trustworthy

Is this woman honest? Does she show strong character in always doing the right thing? Are her words truthful? Do others trust her?

S – Serving

What service is she already doing? Is she serving in the church? Does she help others in practical ways? Is she willing to help in the church and community? We want women who are already serving others in some capacity and who will continue to serve.