Spreading the Fragrance

Pike’s Fish Market in Seattle, Washington​ is famous for hilarity and excellent customer service. The skilled and humorous sales men provide a great “performance” selling their fish. They have become the subject of Customer Service training videos across America. I was as entertained as anyone, standing among the shoppers watching the fish show. My friend

A Valentine for You – From The Bridegroom!

“​Y​our ​Bridegroom is overwhelmed with your beauty!”​  This was a one line text I received from one of our Butterflies, last Valentine’s Day.  ​ ​​I love to help women understand that Jesus is our Bridegroom and we the Church are His Bride. Yet this text deeply affected me. ​​It made me pause and consider… “Really?

Honduran Love Unveiled Workshop

Our Butterfly Krista has just finished her second Workshop with women in Honduras. It was a blessing to receive the photo of her butterflies holding their butterfly puppets as they learn more about their freedom and identity in Jesus.Thank you for your prayers and for giving to reach these women in Honduras. Here are some

Martha’s Good News and Prayer Requests

Martha, ​(our India coordinator) just returned home (a 2 day train journey) from her second visit with our ​new butterfly group in central India, a physically and spiritually very dry ​region!  ​ ​Praise God, the Holy Spirit is pouring living water on the dry ground, and bringing life and freedom to the women she has