Coming & Going – LUV Mid-Year Update

Dear friend, In recent months the Lord has been speaking to me about the “come” and “go” of ministry. We often focus on the command to “go” – Go and make disciples, “go and bear fruit, “go into all the world,” but it can be easy to neglect Jesus’ invitation to “come.”  Yet we cannot

A Movement of God

Lithuania Ministry Trip Update Dear friend,  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayer I received for this ministry trip to Lithuania!  The powerful and encouraging messages I received from you in response to my prayer letter was an indication that the Lord was already moving before I got to Lithuania!!   My cousin in the UK

Update from Greece

Dear friend, I am writing to you from Thessaloniki, Greece where I arrived yesterday to meet with Agape Europe (CRU) leaders from Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland for our Workshop 6 in Transform & Multiply.  It is a joy to meet with these precious women, hungry for God and hungry to be equipped and empowered to reach women


Dear friend, This week I was so disturbed reading a BBC news report of women and men being “flogged” up to 39 times in stadiums. Other reports cover the protest of 1000s protesting one woman beaten to death for showing hair under her headscarf – hundreds of protestors have been beaten and imprisoned!  In the Middle East where we meet with LUV disciples


Shared with Bernina’s permission Bernina, experienced transformation and real freedom in jail being discipled by Tanya and our jail ministry team in South Florida.  Four days after she was released from jail in March 2020, Tanya sent her to join my workshop in Orlando, to continue her discipleship journey. God continued His transforming work.   A year later in April 2021 Bernina gave her testimony

Great Testimonies Among Ukraine Refugees

Dear friends,  We have been very concerned this week hearing of the heavy bombings in Ukraine. I have been praying with a friend here in Florida who has been anxious for the safety of her son based in Kyiv.  She is not alone. Many refugee families, women and children are concerned about their families, fathers, sons

Lithuania, Ukraine Prayer Update

Dear friends, April was an amazing month with so much spiritual movement going on through our butterflies world-wide despite world chaos and trauma. I’ve heard so many testimonies of transformation and multiplication, yet it has been hard to find time to share them all with you. Here are just a few of the ways God

2021 Ministry Report

Europe Workshop Dec 2021 – Joining hands in-person and through Zoom to pray for God’s power in 2022“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14 At the end of another year, we are grateful and